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New York State
Gerard D’Huy - HTFC PBCA Project Director
Amy Enzerillo - HTFC PBCA Assistant Program Director
Alexis Ayala - Manager, HTFC NYC PBCA office
Les Pierce - Director of Operations
Jim VanLoan - State Manager
John Gula - Finance and Reporting Manager
Heidi Carlson - Training and Compliance Manager
NY Contact Center
Andrea Hampston - Call Center Manager
Elisa Wickham - Call Center Supervisor
Jasmine Grant - Call Center Specialist
Donna Penny - Call Center Specialist
Upstate New York: All Counties North of Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess
Davin Cheng - Area Manager
Alicia Hoag - Central Team Leader
Steven Valotta - Contract Specialist
Wilson Rosario - Contract Specialist
Angela Tabakian - Contract Specialist
Megan Carson - Contract Specialist
Priscilla Pryor - Contract Specialist
Brenden Bell - Contract Specialist
Jessie Jones - Local Team Lead
Alisha Putney - Management Assessment Specialist
Jordan Ellis - Management Assessment Specialist
Downstate New York: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island
Kathleen Gilchrist - Central Team Leader
Jenna Mitchell - Contract Specialist
Davia Malcolm - Contract Specialist
Erin Sloan - Contract Specialist
Sanum-gul Din - Contract Specialist
Bradley Brown - Contract Specialist
Downstate New York: Manhattan, Eastern Long Island, Orange, Rockland, Putnam, Westchester, Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties
Hugh Harris-Inniss - Area Manager
Sandra Britt - Central Team Leader
Melissa Mitchell - Contract Specialist
Amanda Verdon - Contract Specialist
Laurie Donlon - Contract Specialist
E’lan Jenkins - Contract Specialist
Requita Blackwell - Contract Specialist
Yelizaveta Nayzberg - Local Team Leader
Louis Moskowitz - Management Assessment Specialist
Michael Medina - Management Assessment Specialist
Rita Smith - Management Assessment Specialist
Sidona Sallabanda - Management Assessment Specialist
Ilena Santana - Management Assessment Specialist
Kuiandra Leconte - Management Assessment Specialist
Georgiana Mcbean-Perry - Management Assesment Specialist
Zakiya Adams - Management Assessment Specialist
Kevin Williams - Management Assessment Specialist

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