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This site was created to be an informational resource for Owners and Agents of the NYS Housing Trust Fund Section 8 Project Based Portfolio. Its purpose is to provide useful information in regards to program compliance, policy changes and the newest information from HUD. If you have any questions or would like to see information on this site that is not listed, please fill out the Contact Us form.  



HUD Announces Funding to Support Energy Efficiency and Climate Resilience in Multifamily Assisted Projects
HUD has awarded nearly $18 million in funding and loan commitment
FY2024 FMRs & SAFMRs Published
HUD has posted the FY2024 Fair Market Rents as well as the FY2024
GRRP Comprehensive Application Deadline in Two Weeks
GRRP Comprehensive Wave 1- Applications Due in Two Weeks
Tenant Organizing Community Room Requirement Reminder, Substantial Rehabilitation Threshold Memo, and Better Climate Challenge Announcement
Reminder on Requirements for Use of Community Rooms for Tenant Organizing Activities